Michael Rodrigues

Michael’s professional photographic career commenced in 1977, as a staff photographer and art director for a regional advertising agency in Helena, Montana.  Michael’s career, and his eye, was subsequently furthered in the United States Coast Guard, where he found his niche serving as both Cinematographer and Photojournalist. Michael wrote, produced, and directed documentaries, training films, commercial campaigns, obtained recognition as a highly revered photojournalist, and concurrently gained perspective.

Michael utilized his expertise and perspective in 1981, when he founded Encore Motion Pictures, Inc., specializing in film and video production, interactive media, digital imaging, and presentation services.

Michael is extremely proficient with all still picture formats, and readily adapts his eye to the demands of motion picture and video cameras. He specializes in commercial, technical, low-altitude aerial, wedding, portrait, fine art, and travel photography.

Michael’s images have been published in numerous books, magazines, and periodicals. In 1986, he collaborated with Author Jim Gibbs on the book entitled “Lighthouses of the Pacific”.  His intrinsic love for lighthouses has led him to continually photograph and write about them. Michael is currently working on his second book “Lighthouses of the Eastern Seaboard”.


Donna Elton-Rodrigues

Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Donna's enthusiasm for photography came at a very young age.  She recognized that the world was filled with immense beauty beyond explanation; however, she felt that by capturing a small portion of that beauty through photography, she could enlighten others of its grandeur. Donna is the founder of Paw Shots, a professional, highly specialized, fine pet portraiture company which fuses her love for animals with her photographic talent.

Although Donna’s passion for pet and animal photography has been the most salient driving force behind her work, she has traveled the globe extensively, visiting more than 25 countries. She has subsequently developed a highly cultivated eye and exceptional photographic aptitudes in fine art, portrait, wedding, and of course, travel photography.  Donna combined her skill and expertise with her husband, Michael, in 2004, forming Envision Photography - designed to not only meet the demands in the commercial photographic market, but also capture distinctive moments for a lifetime of memories.